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Total Stock Market Overview
Comprehensive coverage of entire stock market in one page 12Stocks.com Home Page ➞
Top Ten Stock Lists
Top Ten Stocks Lists - Busy? Quick summary of best performing stocks across all market sectors/segments Top Ten Stocks Daily ➞
Top Ten Stocks Weekly ➞
Top Ten Stocks Year-to-Date (YTD) ➞
Top Ten Stocks Trends ➞
Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap Stocks
Large cap stocks - widely owned stocks in major indexes like Dow and S&P 500 Dow 30 Stocks ➞
S&P 500 Stocks ➞
Nasdaq 100 Stocks ➞
S&P 100 Stocks ➞
Midcap - Midcap stocks Mid cap 400 Stocks ➞
Small Cap - Research into  small cap stocks contained in the popular Russell 2000 index Small Cap Stocks ➞
Sectors - Take a deep dive into various sectors to find hidden gems Tech ➞
Financials ➞
Healthcare ➞
Materials ➞
Utilities ➞
Industrials ➞
Consumer Staples ➞
Consumer Discretionary ➞
Transport ➞
Energy ➞
Focus Sectors
Focus Sectors  - Highly focused sub sector stocks Gold ➞
Oil Services ➞
Housing ➞
Retail ➞
Solar ➞
Dividend ➞
Semiconductor ➞
Internet ➞
Social Media ➞
Biotech ➞
Global Stocks and ETF Funds
Global Stocks - Stocks that you can invest in USA just like any US stock Emerging Markets ➞
Europe ➞
Latin America ➞
Asia ➞
Canada ➞
China ➞
India ➞
Brazil ➞
Mexico ➞
United Kingdom ➞
France ➞
Japan ➞


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Most ETFs are like mutual funds that hold basket of stocks
Core ETFs - Popular exchange traded funds that track overall stock market (all major asset classes) Core ETFs ➞
Sector ETFs ➞
Global ETFs ➞
Commodities ETFs ➞
Fixed-Income Bond ETFs ➞
Forex Currency ETFs ➞
Sectors ETFS - Sector focused exchange traded funds Technology ETFs ➞
Financial ETFs ➞
Healthcare ETFs ➞
Materials ETFs ➞
Industrials ETFs ➞
Consumer Staples ETFs ➞
Consumer Discretionary ETFs ➞
Energy ETFs ➞
Global ETFs - Global ETFs enable US investors to invest by country or region focus. Emerging Markets ETFs ➞
Europe ETFs ➞
Americas ETFs ➞
Asia Pacific ETFs ➞
China ETFs ➞
Japan ETFs ➞


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