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Best Technology Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Prev Quick Overview of Technology ETFs
Short Term And Long Term Views
Currently Technology Segment is 2.5% year to date.
The weekly change is -0.95%.
The daily change is -1.74%.
Detailed View: Best Technology ETFs by Daily, Weekly, Year-to-date and Trends
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Technology ETF Segment in Brief
Year-to-date Technology segment is outperforming market by 2.61%.
 Year To Date Performance: 2.5 %
 Weekly Performance: -0.95 %
 Daily Performance: -1.74 %
 Technology Segment Short Term Technical Trend Score: 25
Trend Score : 0(bearish) to 100(bullish). Updated daily. Not to be used for investing. Best Performance & Trends Today - Technology ETF Segment
Best Technology ETFs of the Day - The best performing popular Technology ETFs from last trading session:-

iShares Networking [-0.09%], Semiconductor HOLDRs [-0.51%], First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted [-1.26%], Technology SPDR [-1.74%],  View Full List, Charts & More ...

The top 10 best trending popular Technology ETFs:-

iShares Networking [-0.09%], Semiconductor HOLDRs [-0.51%], First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted [-1.26%], Technology SPDR [-1.74%],  View Full List, Charts & More ...

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Day Performance, Weekly Performance, Year to Day Performance and Short Term Trends Technology ETF Sector - Look at Big Picture
Let's take comprehensive view of Technology segment. The Technology segment of the US stock market is best represented by XLK - exchange traded fund that tracks The Technology Select Sector Index. It consists of top stocks - large, mid and small cap - and is Technology based.

The Technology sector contains stocks like Apple and Google. Year to date, Technology sector as represented by XLK is up by 2.5% and is currently outperforming the market (S&P 500) by 2.61%.

Next, let us look at relative performance of Technology segment as represented by The Technology Select Sector Index versus other major market segments like US stock indexes (Nasdaq 100, Dow 30, S&P 500, S&P 400 Midcap & Total Stock Market Index), emerging markets and other asset classes like bonds, gold and oil.

The performances of major market segments year to date are - Oil [15.11%], US Technology [2.5%], Gold [1.88%], Euro [1.63%], US Mid Cap [0.36%], US Total Market [-0.11%], Emerging Markets [-0.16%], US Technology [-0.45%], US Dollar [-0.75%], Bonds [-3.28%], India [-3.52%], .

Now, we dive deep to identify investing opportunities both with ETFs that track Technology segment of the stock market and Technology stock holdings contained within these ETF baskets. Check daily for updates.

Scroll down this guide or just click the links below -

  Current Performance of Technology Sector

  Top Performing Technology ETFs - Now!

  Investing with Technology ETFs

  Full List, Charts and Trends of Technology Sector ETFs

  Typical Stock Holdings in Technology ETFs
Technology ETFs
(DAILY) Quick View of Technicals of Overall Technology Sector
XLK : Invests to track index of primarily large cap equities across broad technology sector
Weekly Chart Daily Chart (Short Term)
Weekly: -0.95% Daily: -1.74%
Year-to-date Performance : 2.5% Relative Performance: The Technology Index is outperforming the market (S&P 500) by 2.61% Top Performing Technology ETFs

Most popular Technology exchange traded funds track the broad Technology sector. But there are ETF funds that track specific sub-sectors within the wide Technology sector. For instance, most Technology ETFs like XLK focus on broad Technology sector but there are ETFs that focus on specific segments like Web Services, Semiconductors, Software and Computer Networks.

The top performing ETFs (year-to-date) that track the Technology sector are shown in left side bar panel.

The major sub-sectors within the Technology segment are (in year-to-date perfromances)

Semiconductors:: Semiconductor HOLDRs [-0.19%].

Web Services: .

Telecom & Computer Networks:: iShares Networking [9.36%].

Also, there are leveraged ETFs that given enhanced performance by moving twice or thrice the daily movement of Technology sector ProShares Ultra Technology [4.82%], ProShares Ultra Semiconductors [0.07%], Triple Bull Semiconductors [-9.22%], Ultra Telecom [-11.16%].

Finally, there are inverse or bearish Technology ETFs that move in opposite direction to the daily movement of the Technology segment ProShares UltraShort Semiconductors [-11.75%].

Now, more recently, over last week, the top performing Technology ETFs that track the whole segment on the move are - Networking [0.41%], Ndaq100 EW [-0.17%], Semiconductor [-0.86%], Technology [-0.95%].

LEADING Technology ETFs
Technology SPDR: 2.5%
Semiconductor HOLDRs: -0.19%
iShares Networking: 9.36%
First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted: 1.35%

For Complete List of Winners and Laggards from Technology ETF Segment
Please click or go to our Investing with Technology ETFs section below Investing With Technology ETFs
The following table helps investors and traders sort through current performance of various Technology ETFs.

One can glean long and short term trends by sorting Technology ETF list by performance over daily, weekly or year-to-date periods. Performance of Technology ETFs

TickerStock NameWatchlistCategoryRecent PriceChange %Weekly Change%YTD Change%
SMHSemiconductor HOLDRs Technology97.19-0.51-0.86-0.19%
XLKTechnology SPDR Technology64.82-1.74-0.952.5%
IGNiShares Networking Technology52.41-0.090.419.36%
QQEWFirst Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Technology58.06-1.26-0.171.35%
     Showing to 25 ETFs. Click on arrows to view more!
Sort by performace by clicking on Daily, Weekly or YTD % Change Investing With Web Services Technology ETFs
The following table takes a close look at Web Services ETFs segment of the Technology sector. Investing With Semiconductors Technology ETFs
The following table takes a close look at Semiconductors ETFs segment of the Technology sector. Investing With Telecom and Computer Networks Technology ETFs
The following table takes a close look at Networking ETFs segment of the Technology sector. Trading With Bullish (Leveraged) Technology ETFs
Traders and speculators can enhance their performances by trading leveraged ETFs that double or triple the daily returns of Technology indexes. Also, listed below are leveraged ETFs that have exposure to Technology economy. Performance of Bullish (Leveraged) Technology ETFs

TickerETF NameWatchlistCategoryRecent PriceChange %Weekly Change%YTD Change%
ROMProShares Ultra Technology  Technology89.68-4.01-2.014.82%
QLDProShares Ultra QQQ Technology74.17-4.23-2.843.16%
USDProShares Ultra Semiconductors  Technology119.42-1.53-1.540.07%
SOXLTriple Bull Semiconductors  Technology121.95-2.74-3.73-9.22%
LTLUltra Telecom Technology38.090.070-11.16% Trading With Bearish (& Leveraged) Technology ETFs
Traders and speculators can hedge or take advantage of market pullbacks by betting on bearish (inverse) ETFs that move in opposite direction to underlying index. Technology traders can enhance their performances by trading leveraged bearish ETFs that double or triple inverse the daily returns of Technology indexes. Performance of Bearish (Leveraged) Technology ETFs

TickerETF NameWatchlistCategoryRecent PriceChange %Weekly Change%YTD Change%
PSQProShares Short QQQ Technology34.462.091.31-4.16%
QIDProShares Double Short QQQ Technology12.334.092.63-9.71%
SSGProShares UltraShort Semiconductors  Technology9.412.841.44-11.75%
Charts, Fundamental Data and Performances of ETFs
Click on following links to sort by: Market Cap or Company Size
Performance: Year-to-date, Week and Day
To view more ETFs click on next and previous arrows

Stock Chart of Semiconductor HOLDRsSMH Semiconductor HOLDRs
Description: Invests in leading semiconductor equities [total number about 20]
Sector: Technology
Sub-Sector: Semiconductors
Recent Price: 97.19    
Day Percent Change: -0.51%     Day Change: -0.50
Week Change: -0.86%     Year-to-date Change: -0.2%
SMH Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
Save SMH for Review:       

Stock Chart of Technology SPDRXLK Technology SPDR
Description: Invests to track index of primarily large cap equities across broad technology sector
Sector: Technology
Sub-Sector: Technology
Recent Price: 64.82    
Day Percent Change: -1.74%     Day Change: -1.15
Week Change: -0.95%     Year-to-date Change: 2.5%
XLK Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
Save XLK for Review:       

Stock Chart of iShares NetworkingIGN iShares Networking
Description: Invests typically in large cap growth networking [telecom, data & wireless equipment, etc] equities
Sector: Technology
Sub-Sector: Computer Networks
Recent Price: 52.41    
Day Percent Change: -0.09%     Day Change: -0.05
Week Change: 0.41%     Year-to-date Change: 9.4%
IGN Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
Save IGN for Review:       

Stock Chart of First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal WeightedQQEW First Trust NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted
Description: Invests in Nasdaq 100 equities - similar to QQQQ but each of the equities in QQEW is initially set at a weight of 1.00% of the index
Sector: Technology
Sub-Sector: Large Cap
Recent Price: 58.06    
Day Percent Change: -1.26%     Day Change: -0.74
Week Change: -0.17%     Year-to-date Change: 1.4%
QQEW Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
Save QQEW for Review:       
Click on following links to sort by: Market Cap or Company Size
Performance: Year-to-date, Week and Day
To view more ETFs click on next and previous arrows Typical Stock Holdings in Technology ETFs
ETFs are funds that hold basket of stocks. The following table shows list of stocks or holdings commonly found in most Technology ETFs . The funds basically perform based on what stocks they hold. You can dive deep into Technology stocks in the following pages - Technology Stocks Performance of Stock Holdings in Technology ETFs

TickerStock NameWatchlistCategoryRecent PriceChange %Weekly Change%YTD Change%
AAPLApple Inc. Technology162.94-1.39-1.06-3.1%
GOOGLAlphabet Inc. Technology1022.64-4.70-4.33-2.21%
GOOGAlphabet Inc. Technology1019.98-4.43-4.19-1.8%
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation Technology93.12-2.34-0.4110.54%
FBFacebook, Inc. Technology159.69-3.71-2.96-8.59%
TAT&T Inc. Technology35.000.321.6-9.39%
CHLChina Mobile Limited Technology47.071.361.3-6.75%
VZVerizon Communications Inc. Technology49.672.093.84-6.01%
ORCLOracle Corporation Technology45.53-0.57-0.27-2.49%
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc. Technology43.74-1.100.5115.72%
IBMInternational Business Machines Corporation Technology145.56-0.211.39-4.21%
INTCIntel Corporation Technology51.450.711.1512.89%
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited Technology38.75-0.01-0.5-2.24%
SAPSAP SE Technology108.502.473.5-2.34%
DCMNTT DOCOMO, Inc. Technology25.600.0007.7%
AVGOBroadcom Limited Technology228.39-2.18-2.61-10.11%
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated Technology49.94-1.23-2-21.34%
TXNTexas Instruments Incorporated Technology98.420.36-0.58-4.9%
ACNAccenture plc Technology151.07-1.280.36-0.12%
VODVodafone Group Plc Technology29.84-0.760.89-5.92%
ADBEAdobe Systems Incorporated Technology217.89-3.34-1.6926.34%
NVDANVIDIA Corporation Technology221.20-1.15-2.4215.36%
BIDUBaidu, Inc. Technology231.410.03-0.09-0.85%, inc. Technology117.88-3.34-217.74%
TEFTelefonica, S.A. Technology10.07-0.690.14.7%
ASMLASML Holding N.V. Technology194.051.400.5611.83%
TMUST-Mobile US, Inc. Technology62.580.47-0.71-1.4%
ADPAutomatic Data Processing, Inc. Technology116.32-0.670.380.06%
AMXAmerica Movil, S.A.B. de C.V. Technology18.65-0.67-3.248.86%, Inc. Technology35.87-3.07-3.13-12.43%
AMATApplied Materials, Inc. Technology48.72-2.90-2.9-2.95%
ORANOrange Technology18.09-0.500.114.2%
BTBT Group plc Technology16.93-1.23-0.21-6.59%
SNESony Corporation Technology49.39-0.04-0.1210.59%
NTESNetEase, Inc. Technology254.10-2.53-4.31-26.1%
HPEHewlett Packard Enterprise Company Technology17.36-0.292.0222.81%
BCEBCE Inc. Technology41.890.370.35-12.39%
CHAChina Telecom Corporation Limited Technology46.67-0.021.01-1.14%
VMWVMware, Inc. Technology133.96-0.73-0.358.2%
ATVIActivision Blizzard, Inc. Technology65.34-1.34-0.034.64%
CTSHCognizant Technology Solutions Corporation Technology80.80-0.93-0.1514.91%
NXPINXP Semiconductors N.V. Technology101.71-1.49-2.66-12.59%
SSprint Corporation Technology5.910.60-0.750.93%
INFYInfosys Limited Technology17.09-1.95-1.215.83%
CCICrown Castle International Corp. Technology105.350.422.89-4.9%
INTUIntuit Inc. Technology178.57-1.021.1214.15%
TLKPT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk Technology27.612.353.92-13.58%
NOKNokia Corporation Technology5.930.59-0.1727.58%
CHUChina Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited Technology13.67-
HPQHP Inc. Technology21.20-0.89-0.282.19%
MUMicron Technology, Inc. Technology47.11-3.84-5.9815.67%
PHGKoninklijke Philips N.V. Technology42.22-0.314.5612.29%
EAElectronic Arts Inc. Technology118.59-0.81-1.0613.86%
EQIXEquinix, Inc. Technology409.530.490.94-9.55%
TELTE Connectivity Ltd. Technology97.74-2.29-1.214.22%
FISFidelity National Information Services, Inc. Technology94.77-1.00-0.491.57%
CHTChunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. Technology37.71-1.26-1.876.52%
ADIAnalog Devices, Inc. Technology87.65-0.36-1.22-0.4%
SNAPSnap Inc. Technology15.630.483.427.6%
GLWCorning Incorporated Technology26.73-2.78-1.87-15.47%
VIVTelefonica Brasil S.A. Technology14.22-0.28-1.01-4.01%
APHAmphenol Corporation Technology82.77-1.92-1.54-4.42%
WDCWestern Digital Corporation Technology86.43-0.66-1.7710.64%
ERICTelefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) Technology7.690.59-0.3216.09%
RCIRogers Communications Inc. Technology47.54-0.42-0.21-5.73%
KYOKyocera Corporation Technology56.29-1.00-0.76-13.01%
FTVFortive Corporation Technology73.05-4.26-2.952.92%
LRCXLam Research Corporation Technology185.82-3.11-1.762.4%
ADSKAutodesk, Inc. Technology123.68-4.26-2.5920.86%
SYMCSymantec Corporation Technology27.69-0.320.87-0.39%
TUTELUS Corporation Technology35.08-0.38-0.14-6.73%
SWKSSkyworks Solutions, Inc. Technology87.77-0.95-3.51-7.32%
SKMSK Telecom Co., Ltd. Technology23.02-0.56-0.96-17.18%
WITWipro Limited Technology5.15-0.96-2.65-6.12%
CHKPCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd. Technology102.910.062.070.65%
TITelecom Italia S.p.A. Technology10.38-2.90-3.0321.81%
WDAYWorkday, Inc. Technology125.56-3.25-1.4526.44%
MCHPMicrochip Technology Incorporated Technology82.44-2.31-3.49-5.94%
NLSNNielsen Holdings plc Technology33.50-0.182.07-7.34%
XLNXXilinx, Inc. Technology64.030.53-0.08-4.92%
RHTRed Hat, Inc. Technology160.10-0.331.9835.2%
KLACKLA-Tencor Corporation Technology99.56-1.43-1.15-4.58%
NOWServiceNow, Inc. Technology160.66-4.07-3.0625.68%
STMSTMicroelectronics N.V. Technology21.311.720.05-1.49%
MSIMotorola Solutions, Inc. Technology109.64-0.16-0.1322.18%
SBACSBA Communications Corporation Technology164.93-0.570.231.67%
STXSeagate Technology plc Technology58.270.09-1.3640.54%
IMOSChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES INC. Technology13.92-5.56-4.58-20.29%
HRSHarris Corporation Technology164.82-2.48-1.3417.01%
DVMTDell Technologies Inc. Technology72.43-0.931.06-9.69%
CACA, Inc. Technology34.70-0.131.535.44%
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. Technology10.090.551.55-1.31%
MXIMMaxim Integrated Products, Inc. Technology53.780.00-1.013.04%
CTXSCitrix Systems, Inc. Technology96.60-0.441.1911.07%
CTLCenturyLink, Inc. Technology17.931.162.678.36%
GIBCGI Group Inc. Technology57.48-0.17-0.356.02%
NTAPNetApp, Inc. Technology67.85-0.720.1324.26%
AKAMAkamai Technologies, Inc. Technology70.97-0.990.4810.06%
TWTRTwitter, Inc. Technology30.47-2.36-526.3%
WBWeibo Corporation Technology114.13-3.27-3.610.96%
JNPRJuniper Networks, Inc. Technology24.29-0.140.16-14.46%
SNPSSynopsys, Inc. Technology84.041.781.82-0.86%
ASXAdvanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. Technology7.520.00016.05%
PANWPalo Alto Networks, Inc. Technology191.27-0.580.8633.68%
GRMNGarmin Ltd. Technology57.66-0.72-0.81-1.83%
CDKCDK Global, Inc. Technology64.74-0.03-0.17-9.32%
CDWCDW Corporation Technology70.74-
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc. Technology157.14-0.370.5120.22%
ITGartner, Inc. Technology118.000.091.11-3.38%
FLEXFlex Ltd. Technology16.76-1.61-0.52-4.84%
ANSSAnsys, Inc. Technology160.95-1.02-0.1510.8%
AYIAcuity Brands, Inc. Technology126.30-1.961.49-26.15%
IRMIron Mountain Incorporated Technology33.760.960.76-10.97%
DOXAmdocs Limited Technology66.82-0.490.72.9%
ANETArista Networks, Inc. Technology252.06-0.86-1.628.86%
OTEXOpen Text Corporation Technology34.93-0.82-0.16-1.25%
LPLLG Display Co., Ltd. Technology11.20-1.62-1.48-17.91%
MSCIMSCI Inc. Technology147.69-1.520.3118.59%
MBTPublic Joint-Stock Company Mobile TeleSystems Technology10.350.883.412.65%
VRSNVeriSign, Inc. Technology118.00-4.75-4.134.54%
CDNSCadence Design Systems, Inc. Technology40.099.1210.95-1.76%
QRVOQorvo, Inc. Technology68.06-0.92-1.523.3%
SPLKSplunk Inc. Technology100.36-4.46-1.4524.31%
LDOSLeidos Holdings, Inc. Technology65.61-0.940.663%
BRBroadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. Technology108.79-0.960.121.37%
TRMBTrimble Inc. Technology35.58-1.54-1.16-11.12%
MRVLMarvell Technology Group Ltd. Technology20.651.401.97-2.56%
ZAYOZayo Group Holdings, Inc. Technology37.05-1.400.892.12%
COMMCommScope Holding Company, Inc. Technology40.550.00-0.058.01%
LNLINE Corporation Technology37.32-0.29-1.21-8.42%
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