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Best Industrial Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Prev Quick Overview of Industrial ETFs
Short Term And Long Term Views
Currently Industrial Segment is 5.35% year to date.
The weekly change is 0.82%.
The daily change is -0.14%.
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Industrial ETF Segment in Brief
Year-to-date Industrial segment is underperforming market by -4.75%.
 Year To Date Performance: 5.35 %
 Weekly Performance: 0.82 %
 Daily Performance: -0.14 %
 Industrial Segment Short Term Technical Trend Score: 83
Trend Score : 0(bearish) to 100(bullish). Updated daily. Not to be used for investing. Best Performance & Trends Today - Industrial ETF Segment
Best Industrial ETFs of the Day - The best performing popular Industrial ETFs from last trading session:-

PowerShares Aerospace & Defense [0.83%], iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense [0.80%], iShares US Industrial [0.22%], Industrial SPDR [-0.14%],  View Full List, Charts & More ...

The top 10 best trending popular Industrial ETFs:-

iShares US Industrial [0.22%], Industrial SPDR [-0.14%], PowerShares Aerospace & Defense [0.83%], iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense [0.80%],  View Full List, Charts & More ...

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Day Performance, Weekly Performance, Year to Day Performance and Short Term Trends Industrial ETF Sector - Look at Big Picture
Let's take comprehensive view of Industrial segment. The Industrial segment of the US stock market is best represented by XLI - exchange traded fund that tracks The Industrial Select Sector Index. It consists of top stocks - large, mid and small cap - and is Industrial based.

The Industrial sector contains stocks like General Electric and Caterpillar. Year to date, Industrial sector as represented by XLI is up by 5.35% and is currently underperforming the market (S&P 500) by -4.75%.

Next, let us look at relative performance of Industrial segment as represented by The Industrial Select Sector Index versus other major market segments like US stock indexes (Nasdaq 100, Dow 30, S&P 500, S&P 400 Midcap & Total Stock Market Index), emerging markets and other asset classes like bonds, gold and oil.

The performances of major market segments year to date are - Oil [24.52%], US Total Market [10.1%], US Industrials [9.44%], US Mid Cap [7.38%], US Industrials [5.35%], US Dollar [4.02%], Euro [-2.65%], Europe [-3.17%], India [-3.52%], Bonds [-3.67%], Gold [-8.23%], Emerging Markets [-8.29%], .

Now, we dive deep to identify investing opportunities both with ETFs that track Industrial segment of the stock market and Industrial stock holdings contained within these ETF baskets. Check daily for updates.

Scroll down this guide or just click the links below -

  Current Performance of Industrial Sector

  Top Performing Industrial ETFs - Now!

  Investing with Industrial ETFs

  Full List, Charts and Trends of Industrial Sector ETFs

  Typical Stock Holdings in Industrial ETFs
Industrial ETFs
(DAILY) Quick View of Technicals of Overall Industrial Sector
XLI : Invests to track index of primarily large & mid cap equities in industrial manufacturing, equipment & services
Weekly Chart Daily Chart (Short Term)
Weekly: 0.82% Daily: -0.14%
Year-to-date Performance : 5.35% Relative Performance: The Industrial Index is underperforming the market (S&P 500) by -4.75% Top Performing Industrial ETFs

Most popular Industrial exchange traded funds track the broad Industrial sector. But there are ETF funds that track specific sub-sectors within the wide Industrial sector. For instance, most Industrial ETFs like XLI focus on broad Industrial sector but there are ETFs that focus on specific segments like Aerospace/Defense.

The top performing ETFs (year-to-date) that track the Industrial sector are shown in left side bar panel.

The major sub-sectors within the Industrial segment are (in year-to-date perfromances)

Aerospace/Defense:: iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense [14.76%], PowerShares Aerospace & Defense [13.79%].

Also, there are leveraged ETFs that given enhanced performance by moving twice or thrice the daily movement of Industrial sector ProShares Ultra Industrials [13.13%].

Finally, there are inverse or bearish Industrial ETFs that move in opposite direction to the daily movement of the Industrial segment ProShares UltraShort Industrials [-17.81%].

Now, more recently, over last week, the top performing Industrial ETFs that track the whole segment on the move are - US Industrials [0.99%], Industrials [0.82%], Aero/Defence [0.39%], Aero/Defence [0.34%].

LEADING Industrial ETFs
Industrial SPDR: 5.35%
iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense: 14.76%
PowerShares Aerospace & Defense: 13.79%
iShares US Industrial: 8.02%
Vanguard Industrials VIPERs: 5.76%
Rydex EW Industrial: 6.99%
iShares Global Industrials : 2.42%

For Complete List of Winners and Laggards from Industrial ETF Segment
Please click or go to our Investing with Industrial ETFs section below Investing With Industrial ETFs
The following table helps investors and traders sort through current performance of various Industrial ETFs.

One can glean long and short term trends by sorting Industrial ETF list by performance over daily, weekly or year-to-date periods. Performance of Industrial ETFs

TickerStock NameWatchlistCategoryRecent PriceChange %Weekly Change%YTD Change%
XLIIndustrial SPDR Industrials79.72-0.140.825.35%
PPAPowerShares Aerospace & Defense Industrials61.340.830.3413.79%
ITAiShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense Industrials215.870.800.3914.76%
IYJiShares US Industrial Industrials159.200.220.998.02%
VISVanguard Industrials VIPERs Industrials150.570.110.845.76%
EXIiShares Global Industrials  Industrials95.120.221.982.42%
RGIRydex EW Industrial Industrials129.100.330.536.99%
     Showing to 25 ETFs. Click on arrows to view more!
Sort by performace by clicking on Daily, Weekly or YTD % Change Investing With Aerospace/Defense Industrial ETFs
The following table takes a close look at Aerospace/Defense ETFs segment of the Industrial sector. Trading With Bullish (Leveraged) Industrial ETFs
Traders and speculators can enhance their performances by trading leveraged ETFs that double or triple the daily returns of Industrial indexes. Also, listed below are leveraged ETFs that have exposure to Industrial economy. Trading With Bearish (& Leveraged) Industrial ETFs
Traders and speculators can hedge or take advantage of market pullbacks by betting on bearish (inverse) ETFs that move in opposite direction to underlying index. Industrial traders can enhance their performances by trading leveraged bearish ETFs that double or triple inverse the daily returns of Industrial indexes.
Charts, Fundamental Data and Performances of ETFs
Click on following links to sort by: Market Cap or Company Size
Performance: Year-to-date, Week and Day
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Stock Chart of Industrial SPDRXLI Industrial SPDR
Description: Invests to track index of primarily large & mid cap equities in industrial manufacturing, equipment & services
Sector: Industrials
Sub-Sector: Industrial
Recent Price: 79.72    
Day Percent Change: -0.14%     Day Change: -0.11
Week Change: 0.82%     Year-to-date Change: 5.4%
XLI Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
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Stock Chart of PowerShares Aerospace & DefensePPA PowerShares Aerospace & Defense
Description: Invests in all caps [large, mid & small] equities that focus on defense, homeland security, aerospace, etc
Sector: Industrials
Sub-Sector: Aerospace/Defense
Recent Price: 61.34    
Day Percent Change: 0.83%     Day Change: 0.51
Week Change: 0.34%     Year-to-date Change: 13.8%
PPA Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
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Stock Chart of iShares U.S. Aerospace & DefenseITA iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense
Description: Invests in aerospace [manufacturesrs, assembers and distributers] and defence equities
Sector: Industrials
Sub-Sector: Aerospace/Defense
Recent Price: 215.87    
Day Percent Change: 0.80%     Day Change: 1.72
Week Change: 0.39%     Year-to-date Change: 14.8%
ITA Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
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Stock Chart of iShares US IndustrialIYJ iShares US Industrial
Description: Invests in primarily US large and midcap industrial companies
Sector: Industrials
Sub-Sector: Industrial
Recent Price: 159.20    
Day Percent Change: 0.22%     Day Change: 0.35
Week Change: 0.99%     Year-to-date Change: 8.0%
IYJ Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
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Stock Chart of Vanguard Industrials VIPERsVIS Vanguard Industrials VIPERs
Description: Invests in equities in industrial and manufacturing sector
Sector: Industrials
Sub-Sector: Industrial
Recent Price: 150.57    
Day Percent Change: 0.11%     Day Change: 0.17
Week Change: 0.84%     Year-to-date Change: 5.8%
VIS Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
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Stock Chart of iShares Global Industrials EXI iShares Global Industrials
Description: Tracks S&P Global Industrials Index to obtain similar price and yield performance, before fees and expenses
Sector: Industrials
Sub-Sector: Industrial
Recent Price: 95.12    
Day Percent Change: 0.22%     Day Change: 0.21
Week Change: 1.98%     Year-to-date Change: 2.4%
EXI Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
Save EXI for Review:       

Stock Chart of Rydex EW IndustrialRGI Rydex EW Industrial
Description: To track the daily performance of the S&P Equal Weight Index Industrial
Sector: Industrials
Sub-Sector: Industrial
Recent Price: 129.10    
Day Percent Change: 0.33%     Day Change: 0.43
Week Change: 0.53%     Year-to-date Change: 7.0%
RGI Links: Profile   News     Message Board
Charts:- Daily  , Weekly
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Click on following links to sort by: Market Cap or Company Size
Performance: Year-to-date, Week and Day
To view more ETFs click on next and previous arrows Typical Stock Holdings in Industrial ETFs
ETFs are funds that hold basket of stocks. The following table shows list of stocks or holdings commonly found in most Industrial ETFs . The funds basically perform based on what stocks they hold. You can dive deep into Industrial stocks in the following pages - Industrial Stocks Performance of Stock Holdings in Industrial ETFs

TickerStock NameWatchlistCategoryRecent PriceChange %Weekly Change%YTD Change%
GEGeneral Electric Company Industrials12.17-2.37-4.02-30.26%
MMM3M Company Industrials216.350.534.07-8.08%
BAThe Boeing Company Industrials371.881.193.3626.1%
HONHoneywell International Inc. Industrials167.350.511.369.12%
UTXUnited Technologies Corporation Industrials142.080.153.1111.37%
LMTLockheed Martin Corporation Industrials337.781.410.595.21%
DHRDanaher Corporation Industrials108.110.161.1616.47%
GDGeneral Dynamics Corporation Industrials204.630.882.050.58%
CATCaterpillar Inc. Industrials156.380.197.92-0.76%
ABBABB Ltd Industrials24.310.001.44-9.38%
ITWIllinois Tool Works Inc. Industrials148.480.332.48-11.01%
RTNRaytheon Company Industrials203.501.360.178.33%
NOCNorthrop Grumman Corporation Industrials306.671.61-0.22-0.08%
EMREmerson Electric Co. Industrials78.05-0.400.6612%
DEDeere & Company Industrials152.81-0.793.41-2.37%
ETNEaton Corporation plc Industrials88.500.161.5512.01%
WMWaste Management, Inc. Industrials91.42-0.23-0.665.93%
CRHCRH plc Industrials33.00-0.783.77-8.56%
CMICummins Inc. Industrials150.990.175.44-14.52%
WYWeyerhaeuser Co. Industrials33.02-2.00-3.07-6.37%
ROPRoper Technologies, Inc. Industrials306.00-1.18-1.5518.15%
RSGRepublic Services, Inc. Industrials74.64-0.11-0.3910.39%
PHParker-Hannifin Corporation Industrials190.470.081.77-4.56%
IRIngersoll-Rand Plc Industrials104.030.500.6116.64%
ROKRockwell Automation Inc. Industrials196.53-0.232.570.09%
SWKStanley Black & Decker, Inc. Industrials154.370.274.06-9.03%
TSTenaris S.A. Industrials32.70-0.642.012.62%
VMCVulcan Materials Company Industrials115.530.403.89-10%
WCNWaste Connections, Inc. Industrials80.300.571.513.19%
MLMMartin Marietta Materials, Inc. Industrials192.17-1.59-0.94-13.06%
CNHICNH Industrial N.V. Industrials12.601.908.9-5.97%
LLLL3 Technologies, Inc. Industrials211.500.40-2.166.9%
TXTTextron Inc. Industrials71.751.391.6826.8%
TDGTransDigm Group Incorporated Industrials368.390.01-0.4334.15%
COLRockwell Collins, Inc. Industrials141.970.130.344.68%
CXCEMEX, S.A.B. de C.V. Industrials7.07-1.26-0.77-5.8%
AMEAMETEK, Inc. Industrials81.480.100.8112.44%
DOVDover Corporation Industrials89.300.000.93-11.58%
DHID.R. Horton, Inc. Industrials42.40-0.39-1.41-16.99%
LENLennar Corporation Industrials50.11-1.16-4.61-20.76%
PNRPentair plc Industrials44.880.321.85-36.44%
MASMasco Corporation Industrials38.55-0.140.93-12.28%
SNASnap-on Incorporated Industrials188.480.471.118.14%
HIIHuntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. Industrials255.732.281.128.5%
AOSA. O. Smith Corporation Industrials59.71-1.210.59-2.56%
XYLXylem Inc. Industrials81.22-0.230.3619.09%
IEPIcahn Enterprises L.P. Industrials68.641.090.1929.51%
MIDDThe Middleby Corporation Industrials128.780.962.04-4.57%
FLRFluor Corporation Industrials59.430.912.7515.06%
LIILennox International Inc. Industrials216.55-1.37-4.223.98%
PHMPulteGroup, Inc. Industrials26.25-0.49-2.83-21.04%
NVRNVR, Inc. Industrials2586.06-0.77-2.15-26.29%
NDSNNordson Corporation Industrials145.18-0.040.17-0.83%
SPRSpirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. Industrials93.480.476.827.14%
IEXIDEX Corporation Industrials156.11-0.360.5318.29%
SRCLStericycle, Inc. Industrials61.46-0.39-0.66-9.6%
JHXJames Hardie Industries plc Industrials15.22-0.59-2.19-13.57%
OCOwens Corning Industrials58.26-0.62-2.57-36.64%
TTCThe Toro Company Industrials62.19-0.37-0.22-4.66%
FLSFlowserve Corporation Industrials55.43-0.54-0.2531.57%
DCIDonaldson Company, Inc. Industrials59.201.540.2720.94%
OAOrbital ATK, Inc. Industrials134.500.0002.28%
TOLToll Brothers, Inc. Industrials35.850.00-2.53-25.34%
LECOLincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. Industrials97.600.642.396.57%
PWRQuanta Services, Inc. Industrials34.48-0.55-0.22-11.83%
MDUMDU Resources Group, Inc. Industrials26.30-0.27-2.93-2.18%
GGGGraco Inc. Industrials46.93-0.99-2.533.78%
HEIHEICO Corporation Industrials91.150.73-2.63-3.39%
ESLTElbit Systems Ltd. Industrials133.71-0.843.270.32%
HXLHexcel Corporation Industrials68.250.691.4810.34%
USGUSG Corporation Industrials43.340.090.3612.41%
EXPEagle Materials Inc. Industrials87.22-0.22-0.4-23.02%
AGCOAGCO Corporation Industrials60.26-1.423.03-15.64%
CFXColfax Corporation Industrials36.48-0.082.46-7.94%
ZBRAZebra Technologies Corporation Industrials175.240.25-1.9468.82%
SEBSeaboard Corporation Industrials3689.74-1.241.791475800%
BWXTBWX Technologies, Inc. Industrials62.70-0.350.213.65%
ERJEmbraer S.A. Industrials18.951.012.91-20.83%
CRCrane Co. Industrials98.771.442.7210.7%
CWCurtiss-Wright Corporation Industrials137.30-0.24-1.1112.68%
CAACalAtlantic Group, Inc. Industrials53.120.000-5.8%
WWDWoodward, Inc. Industrials81.41-0.44-2.126.36%
CAECAE Inc. Industrials20.430.100.8410.08%
HRGHRG Group, Inc. Industrials13.400.000-20.94%
EMEEMCOR Group, Inc. Industrials75.020.58-2.73-8.24%
ITTITT Inc. Industrials61.150.373.7714.58%
RYNRayonier Inc. Industrials33.69-1.86-2.496.51%
TKRThe Timken Company Industrials52.101.318.326%
VMIValmont Industries, Inc. Industrials141.00-0.182.14-14.98%
RBCRegal Beloit Corporation Industrials85.80-0.231.0612.01%
ENSEnerSys Industrials85.080.700.3222.19%
TEXTerex Corporation Industrials41.92-1.327.99-13.07%
SUMSummit Materials, Inc. Industrials19.05-0.780.05-39.41%
MTZMasTec, Inc. Industrials45.850.497-6.33%
CLHClean Harbors, Inc. Industrials69.33-0.45-1.2427.92%
KMTKennametal Inc. Industrials44.63-0.633.39-7.8%
CBIChicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V. Industrials16.390.0001.55%
DYDycom Industries, Inc. Industrials83.44-1.870.6-25.12%
BDCBelden Inc. Industrials72.631.18-0.6-5.89%
BECNBeacon Roofing Supply, Inc. Industrials39.36-1.380.13-38.27%
JBTJohn Bean Technologies Corporation Industrials117.60-4.70-1.016.14%
BBarnes Group Inc. Industrials71.55-0.532.5113.09%
ESLEsterline Technologies Corporation Industrials90.00-0.77-2.2320.48%
AWIArmstrong World Industries, Inc. Industrials69.65-0.46-3.3315.03%
KLXIKLX Inc. Industrials62.760.14-14.74-8.05%
RXNRexnord Corporation Industrials31.860.063.2922.43%
TMHCTaylor Morrison Home Corporation Industrials19.180.52-1.67-21.6%
GNRCGenerac Holdings Inc. Industrials57.970.020.8217.06%
DOORMasonite International Corporation Industrials66.55-1.30-3.97-10.25%
HIHillenbrand, Inc. Industrials52.13-0.86-0.7116.61%
DARDarling Ingredients Inc. Industrials19.000.771.24.83%
MLIMueller Industries, Inc. Industrials28.490.11-1.66-19.59%
ROLLRBC Bearings Incorporated Industrials153.000.541.5721.04%
WTSWatts Water Technologies, Inc. Industrials81.45-0.880.127.24%
TREXTrex Company, Inc. Industrials79.75-0.75-9.86-26.42%
GVAGranite Construction Incorporated Industrials46.19-0.392.19-27.18%
ADSWAdvanced Disposal Services, Inc. Industrials27.34-0.910.3314.2%
TPHTRI Pointe Group, Inc. Industrials13.27-0.82-7.82-25.98%
SSDSimpson Manufacturing Co., Inc. Industrials73.48-2.55-5.527.99%
UFPIUniversal Forest Products, Inc. Industrials35.50-0.82-6.18-5.64%
CVACovanta Holding Corporation Industrials16.981.040.150.44%
AMNAMN Healthcare Services, Inc. Industrials51.350.24-2.284.26%
MWAMueller Water Products, Inc. Industrials11.91-0.502.89-4.91%
ATIAllegheny Technologies Incorporated Industrials28.660.567.1818.72%
FELEFranklin Electric Co., Inc. Industrials47.48-1.04-5.713.43%
AAONAAON, Inc. Industrials39.88-0.75-0.818.65%
PCHPotlatch Corporation Industrials46.08-1.44-3.71-7.67%
SITESiteOne Landscape Supply, Inc. Industrials81.35-0.41-10.486.06%
BLDRBuilders FirstSource, Inc. Industrials15.69-1.72-4.79-27.99%
BLDTopBuild Corp. Industrials61.80-0.79-2.68-18.41%
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