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  Stock Market Trend Today
How is the overall stock market doing?
February 19, 2018 - The overall stock market year to date is up 2.08% and weekly change is up 4.38%. Although long term and short term trends for overall stock market are good, the mid term i.e weekly trends are deteriorating.

The overall market intelligence score (measures current stock trend from 0-bearish to 100-bullish) is 65 which puts US stock market in short term neutral to bullish trend. The market intelligence score from previous trading session is 52 and an improvement of trend continues.

Current trends of some popular stocks?
Here are the market intelligence trend scores (measures current stock uptrend from 0-bearish to 100-bullish) of the most requested stocks at (click stock for review):

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How are key market sectors doing?
Shown below are the trend scores (out of 100) for key stock market sectors along with trend directions. Dig deeper by clicking market segment below:

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In a glance, the year-to-date (YTD) performances of major stock market segments:

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 Market Year To Date Performance: 2.34 %
 Weekly Performance: 4.44 %
 Daily Performance: 0.03 %
 Technical Trend Score: 65
Trend Score : 0(bearish) to 100(bullish). Updated daily. Not to be used for investing.
Long Term Trend: Good
Medium Term Trend: Not Good
Short Term Trend: Very Good
 US Dollar: 0.69%
 US Oil: 0.41%
 US Small Cap: 0.35%
 Bonds: 0.21%
 US Mid Cap: 0.21%
 Europe: 0.10%
 US Total Market 0.04%
 S&P 500: 0.03%
 China: 0.02%
 Dow Jones: -0.21%
 Emerging Mkts: -0.32%
 Gold: -0.33%
 Nasdaq-100: -0.45%
 Euro: -0.77%
 India: -2.76%

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  The Big Picture: Best Performing Stocks

Which are the best performing stocks this year? Which stocks are performing better recently?

The Hot Stocks of 2018.

Here, in this section, we quickly review the best performing stocks year to date. Then, we take a deep dive into today's stock market for best investing opportunities.

First, let us take a look at the top ten performers year to date in the S&P 100 index (this contains most popular and commonly held US stocks). The top twelve leaders so far this year are (click on stock name for detailed analysis) [24%] AbbVie [23%] Boeing [20%]
Mastercard [16%] Target [16%] Raytheon [16%]
Cisco Systems[16%] Gilead [13%] Bristol-Myers [13%]
Lockheed Martin[12%] General Dynamics[10%] NIKE [9%]
Among the technology heavy Nasdaq 100 index, the leaders so far this year are
Netflix [45%] NVIDIA [26%] [24%]
Seagate [23%] Workday [22%] Electronic Arts[20%]
Mercadolibre [18%] Maxim Integrated[17%] IDEXX [17%]
LiLAC [17%] LiLAC [16%] Cisco Systems[16%]
The larger stock market universe can be broken down into large cap, mid cap and small cap based on market capitalization.

Large cap stocks provide stability and we look for companies with good earnings growth. The best large cap stocks year to date are
Netflix [45%] Snap [40%] Twitter [38%]
Weibo [30%] NVIDIA [26%] Fiat Chrysler[26%]
XL [25%] Petroleo Brasileiro[24%] [24%]
Ferrari N.V[24%] Nokia [24%] Seagate [23%]
AbbVie [23%] Banco Bradesco[22%] Workday [22%]
Boeing [20%] Itau Unibanco[20%] Electronic Arts[20%]
Ecopetrol S.A[20%] Ryanair [20%] Red Hat[19%]
Edwards Life[19%] Dr Pepper[19%] China Southern[18%]
The links below dive into best performing large cap stocks within major market indexes like Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.

  Top Performing Dow Jones 30 Stock List

  Top Performing S & P 500 Stock List

  Top Performing Nasdaq 100 Stock List

  Top performing US Large Cap Stock List

Midcap stocks typically provide a great combination of growth and stability. The best midcap stocks year to date are
Bioverativ [92%] Juno [86%] Virtu Financial[55%] [55%] Vipshop [54%] KapStone Paper[52%]
Validus [44%] ABIOMED [43%] Twilio [40%]
Nektar [40%] Cardtronics [37%] Frontier [36%]
Please follow the link below for detailed view of best performing midcap stocks.

  Top Performing US Mid Cap Stock List

Small cap stocks have high risk but also provide opportunities for strong growth and profitability. The best small cap stocks year to date are
Wells Fargo[6742%] Central Securities[1405%] Eastman Kodak[111%]
Jounce [89%] Fossil [87%] CRISPR [70%]
Weight Watchers[69%] Global Blood[60%] WAVE Life[56%]
Infinera [55%] Shutterfly [51%] TG [49%]
Please follow the link below for detailed view of best performing small cap stocks.

  Top Performing US Small Cap Stock List

    Overview of Current Investing Landscape

How is the overall stock market doing? Which segments of the market are performing or trending better currently?

US Stock Market performance
Year-to-Date: 2.34%
Our daily stock analysis is focused on identifying profitable investing and trading opportunities in today's stock market.

Let us take a look at how major US stock indexes (Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, S&P 100, Mid Cap, Small Cap), Global Markets (Europe, Emerging Markets - China, India, Latin America) and other asset classes like Bonds, Gold, Oil and ForEx are performing to get a perspective of relative performances and identify best performing asset classes to invest or trade in.

Year to date, the list of various market asset classes in the order of performances  -
China [7%] Nasdaq 100 [6%] Emerging Markets [5%]
Gold [3%] Euro [3%] Oil [3%]
US Large Cap [2%] Europe [1%] US Small Cap [1%]
US Mid Cap [0%] Bonds [-2%] India [-3%]
US Dollar [-3%]

Over the short term (this week so far), the list of various market segments in the order of performances  -
China [7.1%] Emerging Markets [6.7%] US Small Cap [4.5%]
US Mid Cap [4.5%] US Large Cap [4.4%] Oil [4.4%]
Europe [3.9%] Gold [2.6%] Euro [1.4%]
India [0.9%] Bonds [0.1%] US Dollar [-1.4%]
Movers & Shakers of the Day - The 360o view of primary asset classes from last trading session:-

US Dollar [0.7%], Oil [0.4%], US Small Cap [0.4%], Bonds [0.2%], US Mid Cap [0.2%], Europe [0.1%], US Large Cap [0%], China [0%], Emerging Markets [-0.3%], Gold [-0.3%], Euro [-0.8%], India [-2.8%] Market Intelligence Trends Of Asset Classes - The 360o ratings view of primary asset classes (0 to 100 - Bearish to Bullish):-

Gold [86], Emerging Markets [75], Oil [70], Europe [65], US Large Cap [65], China [65], Euro [58], US Small Cap [52], US Mid Cap [52], US Dollar [42], India [33], Bonds [17]

In a glance, the year-to-date (YTD) performances & comparisons of major asset classes:
In the sections below, we take a detailed look at movers and shakers within each market segment in our quest to find best performing individual stocks and exchange traded funds.

    Top Performing Sectors

Since best performing stocks can be mostly found in best performing sectors, which sectors are doing great currently?

Most stocks, if not all, move in the same direction as their sector (energy, tech, etc). Sector analysis helps in identifying current trends and identify best investing opportunities. One can invest in  individual stocks in a particular sector or invest in exchange traded funds that track various sectors and sub-sectors.

The performance of major sectors year to date are :
Retail/Services [6%] Technology [5%] Semiconductors [5%]
Financials [4%] Biotech [3%] Healthcare [3%]
Retail [2%] Industrials [2%] Materials [-0%]
Transport [-1%] Staples [-2%] Housing [-3%]
Utilities [-5%] Energy [-6%] Oil Services [-7%]
REITs [-7%]

Now, let us see how the major sectors are faring recently (this week so far) -
Technology [5.8%] Semiconductors [5.5%] Industrials [4.7%]
Financials [4.7%] Biotech [4.4%] Housing [4.2%]
Healthcare [4%] Retail/Services [3.9%] Transport [3.7%]
Materials [3.5%] Staples [3.5%] Retail [3.3%]
Utilities [3.2%] Oil Services [2.8%] REITs [2.4%]
Energy [2.2%]

Movers & Shakers of the Day - The 360o view of Sectors from last trading session:-

Utilities [0.89%], REITs [0.85%], Oil Services [0.74%], Healthcare [0.72%], Housing [0.44%], Consumer Staples [0.40%], Industrials [0.03%], Financials [-0.14%], Technology [-0.15%], Retail [-0.19%], Semiconductors [-0.21%], Energy [-0.25%], Biotech [-0.36%], Materials [-0.36%], Transport [-0.37%], Consumer Services [-0.48%] Market Intelligence Trends Of Market Sectors - The 360o ratings view of Sectors (0 to 100 - Bearish to Bullish):-

Technology [75], Retail [75], Consumer Services [75], Healthcare [65], Industrials [65], Financials [65], Semiconductors [65], Biotech [65], Materials [65], Transport [65], Oil Services [52], Utilities [49], REITs [49], Housing [39], Consumer Staples [39], Energy [39]

In a glance, the year-to-date (YTD) performances of various sectors:

Our comprehensive coverage of sectors can be found in pages below: -

  Best Performing Technology Sector Stock List

  Best Performing Energy/Oil Sector Stock List

  Best Performing Financial Sector Stock List

  Best Performing Materials Sector Stock List

  Best Performing Healthcare Sector Stock List

  Best Performing Consumer Services Stock List

  Best Performing Industrial Sector Stock List

    Global Investing with Stocks & ETFs

How are the global markets doing? Which countries or regional stock markets are performing or trending better currently?

US investors can now easily invest across the world using stocks and exchange traded funds.

The global investing world can be segmented into Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Another way to look at it from investing point of view is - Developed Markets and Emerging Markets. Emerging markets like China, Brazil & India provide some of the best investing growth opportunities today.

Year to date performances of major global exchange traded funds that invest in international markets:-
Brazil [13%] Latin America [11%] Russia [8%]
China [7%] South Africa [6%] Mexico [6%]
Emerging Markets [5%] Taiwan [4%] France [3%]
Japan [3%] Total Market Ex-US [2%] Developed Markets [2%]
Asia-Pacific [2%] Europe [1%] Korea [1%]
Germany [1%] United Kingdom [-1%] Australia [-1%]
India [-3%] Canada [-5%]
Let us look at recent (this week so far) performance and trends of major global ETFs :-
South Africa [12%] Korea [7.3%] China [7.1%]
Emerging Markets [6.7%] Russia [6.1%] Brazil [5.5%]
Taiwan [5.2%] Latin America [5%] France [4.8%]
Asia-Pacific [4.6%] Total Market Ex-US [4.5%] Japan [4.3%]
Developed Markets [4.1%] United Kingdom [3.9%] Europe [3.9%]
Australia [3.9%] Germany [3.7%] Mexico [3.5%]
Canada [2.9%] India [0.9%]
One can, of course, invest in individual foreign stocks. The top performing (year-to-date) large cap foreign stocks are
Weibo [30%] Fiat Chrysler [26%] XL [25%]
Petroleo Brasileiro [24%] Ferrari N.V [24%] Nokia [24%]
Seagate [23%] Alkermes [23%] Banco Bradesco [22%]
CPFL Energia [21%] Itau Unibanco [20%] Ecopetrol S.A [20%]
Global Movers & Shakers: Daily performance of Global Markets
The Top Performers of Global Markets from last trading session:-

Japan [1.53%], Asia-Pacific [0.80%], Developed Markets [0.45%], Korea [0.28%], France [0.19%], Germany [0.18%], Taiwan [0.16%], Total MArket Ex-US [0.13%], Europe [0.10%], Brazil [0.07%], China [0.02%], Latin America [-0.03%], United Kingdom [-0.08%], Mexico [-0.13%], Emerging Markets [-0.32%], Canada [-0.46%], Australia [-0.82%], South Africa [-1.11%], Russia [-1.63%], India [-2.76%]    For more detailed view .. Market Intelligence Trends Of Global Markets - The 360o ratings view of Global Markets (0 to 100 - Bearish to Bullish):-

South Africa [78], Taiwan [75], Latin America [75], Mexico [75], Emerging Markets [75], Brazil [73], Russia [73], Japan [65], Asia-Pacific [65], Developed Markets [65], France [65], Total MArket Ex-US [65], Europe [65], China [65], United Kingdom [65], Korea [62], Australia [58], Germany [52], Canada [39], India [33]

In a glance, the year-to-date performances of major global markets:

Take a deep dive into our popular international stocks and ETF funds:

  Best Performing Emerging Markets Stock List

  Best Performing Europe Stock List

  Best Performing Latin America Stock List

  Best Performing India Stock List

  Best Performing China Stock List

  Best Performing Asia-Pacific Stock List

    Commodities Daily Investing & Trading 

How are various commodities doing? Which commodities are performing or trending better currently? How to invest in commodities using stocks or ETF funds?

It is now possible for stock market investors to participate in commodities markets (Energy, Materials - metals including gold & silver, Agricultural & Livestock).

One can implicitly participate by buying stocks of companies involved in commodity business. Or now, one can explicitly buy exchange traded funds (ETF) that track specific commodities like oil, gold and silver. 

Now, let us see how the major commodities are faring year to date. First, the commodity trackers -
Oil [3%] Agriculture [1%] Gasoline [-3%]
Heating Oil [-7%] Natural Gas [-7%]

Next, let us look at year to date performances of ETFs that holds stocks of companies in commodities business -
Steel [12%] Coal [11%] Ag-business [2%]
Materials [0%] Solar Energy [-1%] Oil/Dry Bulk Tankers [-1%]
Clean Energy [-2%] Clean Energy [-2%] Nuclear Energy [-2%]
Gold Mining [-3%] Energy [-6%] Oil Services [-7%]

There are also leveraged commodity ETFs that go up double or thrice the daily percent change in any commodity.

Also, inverse commodity ETFs that go up when the commodity that they are tracking goes down.
COMMODITIES - Movers & Shakers of the Day - The 360o view of Commodities from last trading session:-

First, the commodity ETF trackers Heating Oil [1.18%], Gasoline [0.72%], Oil [0.41%], Gold [-0.33%], Agriculture [-0.78%], Natural Gas [-0.82%], Silver [-1.13%]

Next, the commodity ETFs that hold commodity related stocks Steel [2.53%], Nuclear Energy [1.42%], Solar Energy [0.89%], Oil Services [0.74%], Clean Energy [0.44%], Clean Energy [0.44%], Ag-business [0.40%], Materials [-0.03%], Energy [-0.25%], Oil/Dry Bulk Tankers [-0.44%], Coal [-0.67%], Gold Mining [-2.09%]

In a glance, a quick overview of year-to-date performances of major commodities:

We do in depth analysis in our commodity guides to identify best performing sector/subsector exchange traded funds and individual stocks. You can find our comprehensive coverage of commodities and related stocks at the following pages: -

  Best Performing Energy Sector Stock List

  Best Performing Materials Sector Stock List

  Best Performing Gold & Silver Sector Stock List

     Best Performing Stocks of 2018 Across Global Stock Markets

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